17 November 2020
UTC: 3:30 AM – 5:00 AM

The arrival of a pandemic has upended the building industry, requiring new ways of working to be called into service overnight. From socially distanced construction sites and virtual meetings, to rapid reconfiguration and repurposing of built space, the response has been substantial. It can also be instructive as to how the building industry can be more flexible and adaptive, anticipating more rapid and dramatic change in an increasingly volatile environment. Hear from some of the leaders in the respective disciplines that make up this complex and dynamic global industry about the solutions they have devised.

Session Chair: Stephen Perkins
Senior Technical Director, Beca, Singapore
Tai Fatt Cheng
Managing Director, Building and Construction Authority, Singapore
Santeri Suoranta
Head of Service Business, Major Projects, Individuals, Singapore
Ian Smith
VP, Special Projects, TK Elevator GmbH, Hong Kong
Michael Argyrou
Managing Director, Hickory, Melbourne