Physical Venues

Capital Tower, Singapore
Charles Russell Speechlys, London
110 North Wacker, Chicago

A Live-Streaming Conference Across Three Cities

Recognizing the changed circumstances in which much of the world now finds itself, the CTBUH 2020 Conference will be centered on the theme of The Post-Crisis City: Rethinking Sustainable Vertical Urbanism. As a global network of professionals focused on the future of cities, CTBUH is in a unique position to guide this dialogue. Across three global cities—Singapore, London and Chicago—and streaming online, over the course of one day, the Conference will bring the most profound visions and inspiring projects to attendees, physically and virtually. We will discuss how cities can be more responsive and anticipatory, and less reactionary, in the face of what is certain to be even more rapid change and disruption than we have already experienced. We will provide a platform for the best, most innovative ideas and most promising technologies that will push the agenda of sustainable vertical urbanism much farther than could have been anticipated even a year ago.

"Rolling" Program Overview

Join the global CTBUH conference experience by attending local events and virtually contributing to the curated 21-hours of continuous programming. Use the UTC timings to compare the planned programming with your time zone.

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