17 November 2020
UTC: 6:00 AM – 7:30 AM

As great concentrators of humanity, cities are inherently on the leading edge of global challenges such as public health and climate change. Today, cities are fighting the battle on two seemingly oppositional fronts—how to maintain economic vitality and public health at the same time, without undoing the good work many have done to limit sprawl and encourage transit-oriented development. The very public spaces and transportation services that allow cities to properly function now operate at vastly reduced capacities, placing businesses and vulnerable populations further at risk of economic deprivation. This session looks at the cities that are rising to the challenge with unprecedented creativity, and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Session Chair: Swinal Samant
Built Environment Professional, Individuals, Nottingham
Fun Siew Leng
Chief Urban Designer, Urban Redevelopment Authority - URA, Singapore
Andrew Brahney
Head of SMART Futures, Ramboll, Singapore
Johann Kruse
Property Technology & Global Lendlease Alliance Lead, Google, Sydney
Craig Miller
Partner | Project Leader, Heatherwick Studio, Singapore