Continuing on from the great success of similar rooms at the 2014 Shanghai and 2013 London Conferences, the 2015 New York Conference will incorporate four Regional / Theme Rooms within the main Conference program. These Regional / Theme Rooms, hosted by the top Diamond level sponsors, will be focused on research and development within a theme or geographical area to reinforce the “Global Interchanges” overall Conference theme (for example, the Americas Room, the Asia Room and the Middle East Room). Each Regional / Theme Room will be an integral part of the main conference, accommodating an audience of approximately 250 people at 15 presentations over the two main conference days.

The Regional / Theme Rooms will also serve as an exhibition suite for the Diamond sponsors, alongside other project-connected Gold sponsors, to create top-scale exhibition suites. The conference lunches and coffee breaks will also take place in these Regional / Theme rooms.

For potential Diamond sponsorship of these Regional / Theme Rooms, see here.

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